I'm Dora, the creator and face behind Beauty of Barrenness. I am a wife to my handsome hubby Roger, a passionate child care giver a.k.a nanny, and an evolving creative. Many years ago, I was impressed with the vision of creating a space where brokenness and barrenness could exist completely and utterly raw. I found myself wondering if anyone else was looking for the same thing. A safe space to be themselves. To be barren and yet still loved. Unjudged, accepted, and heard. Beauty of Barrenness came out of a desire for community and transparency. 

In a season in my life where joy seemed unreachable, hope nonexistent, and questions flooding my mind of infertility, I found myself in a desert. All my hopes and dreams just disappeared and life felt well, life-less. I somehow mustered up all the faith I had and committed to a few weeks of Prayer & Fasting. What came out of it, was a glimmer of hope.

In the midst of my fasting and intimate prayers with the Lord, He showed me the purpose of walking into the desert of hopelessness. He brought me into the desert to pursue me. To develop within me character, beauty, and strength. To walk the barren land in complete surrender and trust on Him alone. He led me into the desert to find that a dry and weary land was only an illusion. When in reality, it was a place of solitude, rest, and intimacy where only He could ravish me with His love. 

Years passed by and these truths began to birth inside of me. I fought back the convictions and have been on a roller-coaster just trying to figure out what it means to be obedient to this calling. And now, I'm finally here. 

Beauty of Barrenness is not just for the infertile or hopeless. I hope & pray that it is a place of stories, prayer, and encouragement that builds you in any season of waiting you find yourself in. You see, after years of suppressing this vision, I've come to a realization that everyone experiences barrenness in one way or another. It looks different for us all, but Hope & Grace remains the same. Join me in discovering what that looks like for so many beautiful souls.

Thank you for your precious time,