Let's Be Brave Together!

Happy Saturday!

Here it is! My very first collaboration and its with Grace from

Hello Grace

Grace is the lovely business owner & designer of some of the cutest faith based apparel designs. She extended the collaboration opportunity  to me as a new blogger & I'm so excited to share with you all, the product I chose for myself. This weekend she will be launching her new Spring Line of t-shirts & you are absolutely going to love them. "Hello, Grace was inspired by the goodness of God and her desire to convey a positive message about who He is through her designs."-


I absolutely love her heart. Hello, Grace also partners with Loved Bought International. It is an organization that is dedicated to love God, love others, & change the world! They are currently raising money to build an orphanage in Bogata, Columbia. Therefore, with every purchase, 10% will go towards this effort! What an amazing opportunity & cause to partner up with.

I chose the "Let's Be Brave Together" T-shirt because I absolutely felt like it suits this new chapter I'm in! Starting this blog a month ago, took so much courage. I literally prayed throughout all of last year for the women that God had placed on my heart & for an open door. January rolled around, and this was it. Telling my story. If you've ever faced something so hard & impossible, then you know how hard it is to be transparent with your own group of people, let alone, your family. 

What I was unaware of, was the amount of courage God had given me along the way to prepare me for where He is leading me next. I also believe that He wants to do the same with you! Are you wondering today what your purpose in life is? Are there some passions that are impressed on your heart that needs some attention right now? Are the lies of the enemy causing you to doubt the great things God can do through you with the gifts He's given you? 

Move into the fullness of God. He will provide for you everything you need. He will lead you through your life with clear purpose & vision. He will use you to reach out to the ends of the Earth. But, He needs your complete trust in Him. 

Google defines brave as "ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage."

So "Let's Be Brave Together!" Let us face the world together & rely on God for His strength, courage, & endurance to persevere through anything and everything that comes against us & what The Lord has in store for us. Our bravery can only be found in Christ! Let us rise as Children of God, standing firm in the authority we are given by Jesus Christ, embracing the royalty that we are! Let us "press on toward the goal to win the [heavenly] prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."-Philippians 3:14

Check out Grace's shop at 


Photography taken by : Alyssa Vang

Fashion Rev: How to Dispose Your Clothes Responsibly

Good Morning! This week we got curious & found out that there was a bigger story behind how our clothes are made. I shared tips on how to create awareness & also how to shop intentionally. Today, I'm going to share some ideas on how you can dispose of your clothes responsibly.


Image by golocalprov.com

If your clothes are stylish and still in good condition, sell them at your neighborhood vintage shop or Buffalo Exchange

. You can also resell on ebay

. Or you can even download shop apps on your phone & it'll let you create your very own online shop. It'll show you step-by-step how to get your images up & figure out prices for each item. Some examples are: PoshmarkTwice, ThredUp, & Tradesy. They're all legitimate & you can even read reviews on sellers just to make sure! See? You can even earn a couple bucks by thoughtfully disposing your clothes through selling decent pieces. 


I'm sure we've all received a "hand-me-down" at some point in our lives. Before we all had our own jobs & were able to buy ourselves anything or even before fashion was such a priority in our lives. Personally, hand-downs were the best clothes that I had ever received from anyone. Now, some people may not be so willing to accept, but maybe you can find out if a family is in need of some lightly used clothes that still has some years left & could be worn. You could gently offer your clothes to them, or you could even ask if your community is interested or in need of some gently used clothing. Not everyone has the money or the means to always be on top of the latest trends. Nor do they have the ability to shop all the time. Hand-downs are a great way to share your clothes with those who are actually in need of clothing & may put better use out of them, than you ever could. I know I never took the clothes I received for granted. I loved restyling them & was always appreciative of older girls handing down their clothes because even though they were used, they were stylish, & with having 4 sisters, my parent's weren't really able to provide us fashionable wardrobes all the time.  

Image by dailymail.co.uk


You probably donate your clothes to Goodwill or the Salvation Army when your clothes are of no more use to you or are no longer in style right? This is a good start. This is what I do too. But I recently found out that a lot of our unwanted second hand clothing is becoming a problem in third world countries. More than 70% of the clothes donated globally end up in Africa, which has destroyed their economy as well. Not that you shouldn't give your clothes to local charity shops, you should! But do your research. Consider very carefully where you choose to donate. For example, you might donate your clothes to help people get back to work with organizations like Dress for Success or Career Wardrobe . Or you might look out for clothing drives to help the homeless, refugees, or people in crisis. 

Now you may think that it takes more work to responsibly dispose of your clothes than shopping for them. But let me tell you this, as American's, on average, we throw away an average of 68 lbs. worth of clothes, per person annually. This causes us to waste energy, water, & landfill space. Whatever you do, make sure you are intentional. It may take longer when you choose to dispose responsibly, but its better for you, me, and the hard working people behind the scenes. 

Instant fashion leads to obese wardrobes. Instant disposal leads to landfills. We've become people who want things instantly, but others are paying the price. I'd like to know how you responsibly dispose of your clothes. Please share below if you have any other ideas that can be added to this list. 

"Instant fashion leads to obese wardrobes. Instant disposal leads to landfills. We've become people who want things instantly, but others are paying the price."

My hope & prayer is that we continue on living intentionally & with awareness of what is going on. I thank those of you who have taken your time to read through this weeks series: How to Start a Fashion Revolution. 

"For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery."- Galatians 5:1

Jesus came to set us free once & for all. This means that all people have been given freedom. But because of the obsessed infatuation to wanting more & more, we've created opportunities that have sucked mankind back into slavery again. Be the change. Be a difference maker. Be the voice for those who need you most.  Souls are more important than new clothes. Don't ever forget that. 

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Fashion Rev: How to Shop Like a Fashion Revolutionist

Alright! We've looked at many way to start a Fashion Revolution. Now, there is really no need to wait until you have a bigger following in social media or be of great influence. If one thing you do is share to just one other person about this movement, you have already brought awareness to your own corner of the world. You see? It doesn't take much right? And I'm not asking for much either. You can either read my posts & ignore them afterwards, but you'll no longer be the same. Why? Because you now have knowledge of what is really going on in the world. 

Today, lets look into how we can tweak our ways of purchasing & using clothes. Some ways of shopping ethically is to always be curious. Always wonder how your clothes are made, where they're made, & what exactly are you supporting? When you shop with awareness, you are shopping intentionally. Slowly but surely, lives will be freed when the need for more production & distribution slows down. 

Thrift/ Vintage Shopping


Now, you might be wondering how thrift/vintage shopping could even help this revolution. First of all, most thrift shops donate either a portion, if not all, of their sales to charity. Second, I've really grown to love thrift shopping. And if you follow or subscribe to any fashion trendsetter, you know that thrift shopping is making a comeback. And most importantly, at the speed at which we consume right now, last season's collections are in the thrift shops in a matter of months. That means you can recreate you favorite looks, personalize them, and do your bit to stop perfectly good garments from going to landfill & becoming waste. Thrift & vintage pieces are ways of recycling & bringing life back into something that was never really used at all. Why waste the time & effort that another person worked so hard for? I say, if it suits your personality & its washable, you could work it into your wardrobe without adding more harm to enslaved shop workers. Look into local thrift/vintage shops make it a goal to visit one the next time you feel the urge to get a new dress for an event. It's a chic & sustainable way to buy yet it also extends the life of beautiful clothing 

Swap 'Till You Drop


If you ever get tired of your wardrobe and are in need of a fashion fix, then you could host or arrange a clothes swapping party. Invite all your friends to bring some clothes that they've been wanting to let go of, & you might just find something new to freshen up your look without breaking the bank or becoming a victim of consumerism. You can even create a swishing party online and pick clothes virtually! It may sound cliche but there's the saying," One persons trash can very well be another person treasure."


Mend, Make, & Customize

Now here is the most creative way yet to be sustainably chic. Have a plain t-shirt that needs a major 

uplift? Or what about the extra skirts that needs a makeover? From head to toe, you can basically find any tutorial or DIY how to on Youtube & Pinterest. Turn that t-shirt into a handbag. Or that skirt into pants! You'll be amazed at how much you can do to transform & revitalize your clothes. Change it up & turn it into something completely new! The upside is that no one will ever have the same exact pieces as you when you choose to recycle & refashion things to your personality. If you don't know how to sew, don't worry my friends. There are even tutorials on how to sew. Whats even better is that there are even tutorials out there that don't even require sewing. Now you can recycle, repurpose, or refashion & personalize your clothing. But if you're creative with a sewing machine, you could even make your very own clothes. Think of all the possibilities! 

I hope you are feeling empowered to be more creative in shopping & staying fashionable, but in a more ethical way. Have you done any of these things? If you have, thank you. You are making a difference whether you know it or not. If you haven't I encourage you to do so. Get together with some friends & start a revolution together. 

Tomorrow, I'll share some ways we can donate our clothes responsibly.  Thanks for reading!