Fashion Rev: What Can I Do?

If you've been following the last few posts that I've published, you will know that I am going through a series of posts that hopefully walks you step-by-step through what you can do to become a Fashion Revolutionist. It can be as simple as tweaking the way you shop, use, and dispose of your clothing. Today, we're going to find out how we can change some of the ways we consume clothes in a more ethical & Eco-friendly way.

Buy Less

Ask yourself what is it that you really need. Is it really necessary to hoard the most current trends while your walk-in closets overflow? Believe me, I was completely guilty of doing this. I was a bargain shopper. It was all about quantity over quality. I'd shop clearance racks & walk out of stores with a few items for the price of one! Although it seemed as if I was walking away with a deal, I was just collecting & consuming more than I needed. After years of excessive bargain shopping, I could no longer find anything to wear (shocking right?) nor was I able to step in my "walk-in" closet. It became embarrassingly unmanageable. After some time & research I learned about creating a "capsule wardrobe" (coming up in another post), I realized that "

Less is truly more."

Buy Better

"Buy one good one instead of three cheap ones."- Joan Crawford

In this case, I've learned that quality is a better option to go with, rather than quantity. It's all about shopping with care & loving it for a longer amount of time. No more mounting to fads & trends. But discover your own personal style. Incorporate invested pieces that will 1) last longer 2)have better use for you and 3)isn't produced in the making of slaves. Now I know it can get difficult shopping ethically. I'd say its natural to cringe a bit when you take a look at handmade products. You may even be tempted to rationalize and go for the "cheaper stuff." But remember this, look at the bigger picture. From start to end. Would you rather pay a company to continue abusing & discriminating humans for cheaper products? Or would you rather invest in ethically made products that provide jobs for artisans & parents all over the world. Giving not only them, but their family as well, a better future.

Buy Intentionally

Now, I hope that this topic is raising up awareness within you. I'm not where I need to be yet due to a great amount of overhaul from all the years of hoarding. But one thing I can attest to, is the fact that I'm learning to let go of the things I do NOT need.

 And only keeping or buying the things I honestly do need. From groceries, toiletries, to office supplies and etc. Not just that, but even when I do come into a moment of wandering through the mall or a cute boutique shop, a few questions that I automatically ask myself are:

1.) Do you need it?

2.) Do you already have something like it?

3.) Where & how was it made? Do you know?

4.) By purchasing this, will I be supporting modern-day slavery or will I be a world changer?

It's not always, that I can ask myself these questions AND answer them honestly to myself. But the more I do stay true to myself, the stronger I become in self discipline. When you know exactly who made your clothes and the items you have in your house & where it comes from. You'll be able to live a beautiful life that is filled with contentment & joy. Why? Because you know that you're supporting a beautiful cause. You're living with a clear conscience & you know for a fact that your lifestyle is not created at the expense of others but by empowering them instead.

I pray that as the new year continues to unravel, you may shop with purpose, on purpose. Be wise in your decision of obtaining the latest trends. It's easy to be consumed by fads & trends that are constantly taking over many people. I pray that as we learn & realize these true facts of Modern Day Slavery, that we'd be compelled to do something about it. I pray that today you will decide to be a voice for someone. That you will no longer let this issue slide into the darkness,but shed light on the very lives that even God Himself created beautifully in His image, just as He did with you & I.

What are some changes you plan to make? What are you doing to walk in line with this Fashion Revolution?

Tomorrow, I'll share creative ways we can handle our clothes. Whether it be to revamp or recycle them.

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